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Maintaining your Mobility Scooter

Wednesday 16 May, 2012

Fortunately modern mobility scooters are very reliable but it is a good idea to have an annual service, just to keep it in tip-top condition. There are of course measures you can take yourself to avoid problems with your scooter

General Care

Get into the routine of charging your batteries when you return from a journey. Not only will this help with the long term life of your batteries it will also reduce the chances of you running out of power and being stranded.

Try to keep it clean and tidy, and if possible avoid getting it wet. Of course, there will be times when you will probably get caught out in the rain so protect your scooter (and yourself!) with rain covers – you will find a range of these in our wet weather wear.

Do not overload your scooter with heavy items. Things like tinned food, bottled beverages and potatoes can be heavy - if you carry too much and overload your scooter it could affect its stability and performance.

Battery Care

Keep your batteries fully charged – a fully charged up battery runs very efficiently by releasing a small amount of power known as a "trickle charge". Every time you get back from a trip out put your scooter on charge, even if you only nipped down to the corner shop.

Keep your batteries clean - if you go out in the mud and rain wipe them down with a dry cloth before you put your scooter away, also try and make sure the terminals are greased. Keep your batteries cool - don't store them near fires or radiators.

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